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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the founders of WellSoul, a wellness education company designed to connect science and spirituality for the purpose of understanding, experiencing and integrating the soul’s wisdom on the journey toward living an optimal life. One of us is a psychotherapist, the other an energy healer, and together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

As professionals in the healing arts, we have worked closely with many seekers on the path to well-being over the years. While the transformations we have witnessed fill us with hope, we recognize that the most successful outcomes are the result of combining evidence-based psychological healing with the wisdom of spiritual development.

In our workshops, seminars and classes, we present an expanded definition of the Self that incorporates the mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual layers of our being. We normalize the impact that life’s inevitable distressing events can have on us and offer practical and grounded mindfulness-based cognitive and energy healing tools that can render us free from the emotional experiences and patterns we yearn to let go of. Most importantly, as we move limiting psychological debris out of our space, our intuitive clarity sharpens and gives rise to the voice of our soul. From this vantage point, everything changes. To learn more, join us on a wellness journey.

Kasey Crown, MA, MFT, is a psychotherapist, wellness educator and writer. Kasey holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in spiritual and counseling psychology. She completed a multi-year advanced clinical training in relational studies and is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified yoga teacher.

Following a personal crisis in 2003, with the support of several encouraging guides, Kasey married intensive psychotherapy with mindfulness practices rooted in various wisdom traditions to heal herself. Inspired by the transformation that takes place when we choose to interpret painful events and memories as opportunities for growth, Kasey set out to offer others a similar experience. Her work challenges old mental health paradigms and suggests instead that true emotional intelligence lies in our ability to balance scientific and spiritual perspectives. Kasey believes that altering our mindset to one where the whole of life has meaning is a vital first step that optimizes self-esteem, empowers an attitude of responsibility and activates our capacity to choose wisely. For more than a decade, she has served as a facilitator of the healing process for adult individuals and couples, working to upend trauma, transform emotional injury, repair relationship and unlock vital inner wisdom to connect people with who they truly are.

In addition to her clinical practice, Kasey teaches workshops and seminars and is developing a wellness education website—launching in early 2019—that will connect people with resources for individual and interpersonal well-being. Kasey lives in Southern California with her husband and three daughters.

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Jacqueline Smith-Leonardini is a clairvoyant, energy healer and certified soul coach. Formerly a high school teacher and educational consultant, Jakki experienced a spiritual awakening while traveling to Brazil to support a friend diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As she turned her focus inward to begin her own wellness journey, Jakki’s intuitive clarity sharpened and her vocation as a healer emerged. Jakki has studied with internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author Denise Linn. She cultivated her skill as a clairvoyant and energy healer under the tutelage of Michael Bates, with whom she trained for several years in techniques developed at the Berkley Psychic Institute.

Jakki believes that all human beings are endowed with intuition and that clairevoyance is a skill developed through our connection with the divine. She maintains that the key to accessing this wisdom is by healing old wounds to connect with the essential wisdom of the Soul. Utilizing energy healing techniques that work with the ancient Indian chakra system, Jakki facilitates a healing process that re-orients individuals and groups down a path of clarity, purpose, balance, creativity, health, and prosperity.

Jakki has witnessed clients make profound changes in their lives by incorporating energy healing practices into their self-care, inspiring her to continue to expand offerings and find meaningful ways to connect with others on the Soul journey. She offers individual and group healing sessions, workshops, and seminars. Jakki lives in Northern California with her husband and three children.

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