Private Vineyard Estate

Napa Valley Spring 2025

Napa Valley

April 25 - 27, 2025

Join us on a private vineyard estate in beautiful Napa, California for a nourishing WellSoul weekend workshop. This event will be focused on The Alchemy of Balance. Utilizing WellSouls Five Pillar Practice and the Ancient Indian Chakra System, we will unearth and examine the paradox within each of us, along with the judgments that keep us trapped in a state of dissonance. By engaging WellSouls unique tools for integration, we will learn to harmonize disparate parts of Self returning us to a state of harmony and equilibrium.

Our events marry latest findings from the fields of interpersonal neurobiology and clinical psychology with energy medicine and the ancient wisdom of the spiritual traditions. At WellSoul, we emphasize the powerful healing potential available through mindfulness practice. In addition to providing a robust education, we offer mindfulness-based cognitive and energy healing tools that support practices of embodied presence, opening a direct line of communication to the soul voice within. This inherent wisdom is our most trusted source of guidance and the key to unlocking our potential, repairing emotional injury and healing our relationships.

  • Learn the WellSoul Five Pillar Practice
  • Discover the chakras as a means to understanding the human energy system
  • Identify paradox and understand the root of your dissonance 
  • Break agreements with limiting judgments and diminishing narratives
  • Learn about Soul contracts
  • Deepen Self-awareness and enhance connection through practices of embodiment and presence
  • Sharpen intuition and make contact with your own inner guide
  • Cultivate intention and activate creativity to enact meaningful change


Day 1 WellSoul Five Pillar Practice + Meditation + Dinner
4pm-10pm Workshop inclusive of dinner

Day 2 Chakra System + Paradox + Soul Contracts
9am-5pm Workshop inclusive of lunch

Day 3 Alchemy of Balance + Intention
9am-4pm Workshop inclusive of lunch

Location and further details provided upon registration. We kindly ask that you commit to participating in all portions of the workshop


This workshop is being held on a private vineyard estate that sits between the towns of Napa and Yountville. Location details will be provided upon registration. Accommodations are not available on-site. You will need transportation to the workshop location. We recommend uber or lyft if you do not have a car however parking on site is plentiful. We suggest the following options for out of town guests:

Yountville Hotels

Napa Valley Lodge
Vintage House
Hotel Villagio
Hotel Yountville
Bardessono Resort and Spa